Long Arm Quilting Service

With over 7000 patterns in stock and threads the colors of the rainbow, we are confident you will find a perfect pattern and thread combination. 


       It’s always a pleasure to receive a phone call on a Sunday afternoon with a friend saying hey, three of your quilts got ribbons in the quilt show this weekend when I have not entered any.  My customers had entered their fabulous quilts that I had quilted.  How wonderful for them!  It’s also nice to know that I have a quilt published on page 50 of Quilter’s Newsletter Magazine. And then it’s satisfying knowing that I have quilts that I have designed and made hanging in a fabric manufactures booth in Houston at the Houston Quilt . 

While all of these achievements are delightful, I get the most satisfaction working directly with a quilter making their first quilt or 20th.  It’s fun to pick patterns and choose threads that will complement their hard work to make the quilt their own.  I’ve worked with so many customers over the years in many different states that send me a box with a note that says to pick what I think best.  I honor their trust!

My quilt theory is to compliment your quilt, not to over quilt to show off a pattern.  Thread choices are important as well as this will pull focus of the pattern and the quilt.  With over 7000 patterns including edge to edge, borders, sashing and blocks, I am sure to provide you with a the perfect combination.  I am your quilter and this is your quilt. Let’s have some fun!

Long Arm Quilting Pricing:
Edge to Edge or All Over Design quilts .022 per square inch
This is using a continuous design over the entirety of the quilt.  The cost includes thread, either solid or variegated, and complementary trimming to the edge. Please specify if you do not want trimming.  A 60" x 80" quilt is 105.00.

Custom Quilts
Custom quilting includes borders, sashing, individual blocks, or any combination therein. Pricing is determined by the intricacy and size of the quilt.   
Quilters Dream Orient Batting is a luxurious blend of velvety Bamboo, luscious silk, strong silky Tencel and soft stable Cotton.The elegant silky soft drape makes Dream Orient a batting beyond compare!  Machine wash and dry with cool water/cool dryer. We have found this batting to be the best in drape and our customers continually request it! Quilters Dream Orient is the only batting we stock. Other batting can be used by customer request.
Your backing needs to be 8 inches wider and 8 inches longer than your quilt top. There is an additional charge for seaming the back and ironing or other work needed before quilting.
Binding                -
We also provide Binding services at 3 different levels.
   1. You provide the binding fabric, we make the binding and machine sew on the front with mitered corners for 10 cents per linear inch.
2. You provide the binding fabric, we make the binding, machine-sew on the front with mitered corners and hand-sew the binding on the back for 25 cents per linear inch.
  3. You provide the binding fabric, we make the binding and machine sew on the front and back for 15 cents per linear inch.
Quilt Trimming
All straight edge quilts are complementary trimmed to the edge.  Scalloped or circle edge trimming will be left up to the customer. 
Payment is expected upon pick-up or pre-shipment.  We accept cash, check or credit card processing.
Shipping information
We use Fedex, UPS, and USPS for shipping.  Please let us know your preferred carrier and we will provide you with an estimate for payment prior to shipping.


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